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Title: Morning at Mission San Juan

Description: 12X18 print with 2 inch border; Today Malinda and I left the house at approximate 0540 hrs / 01/08/2011 to take photos of Mission San Juan; grid: 29° 19′ 57.67″ N, 98° 27′ 19.04″ W. Arrived in the dark, set up the camera and took a series photos at 1600 iso, A little hard to focus, but I think I nailed some good night shots. Waited for the golden hour, switched the setting back to 200 iso with a 9 bracket shot; very little cloud cover this morning. Malinda was sleeping in the car while I was setting up for that prefect shot of Mission San Juan. it was a little breezy at about 45 degrees I had to jump back in the car several times to warm up. Just before the sun broke through the horizon, the sky turned a golden color, I checked the setting one more time and snapped a bracket of 9 shots with a Nikon D700 and a 70 200 mm lens

Mission San JuanMissionSan AntonioTexasNikon 70 200 mmD70012x18